Should I Go to Bible College?

Is attending Bible College one year after graduation really a waste?  

This is a common question facing young people today.  The reasons raised against going to Bible College are usually quite common:
  • “I need to start preparing for my career.”  
  • “I have four years to finish my degree and I don’t want to waste any more time or money.”  
  • “I have finished high school and it is time to strike out on my own now.”
These and many other reasons are offered and seem to be accepted by well-meaning believers as sufficient. So in response, I would like to ask some questions of my own:
  • Is that Christian teen really ready for what they will face?  
  • Is one year really going to keep them from fulfilling their life goals?  
  • Are they certain that they are going the direction God has for them?
The future for a Christian young person is often filled with more questions than answers, and often, not enough time has been given to settle their Bible beliefs, to listen to God’s voice, or to clearly know God’s will.

I suggest at least one year of Bible College for every Christian young person for the following reasons:

  1. One year of immersion in the Word of God and a distinctly Christian environment will give them the opportunity to solidify their beliefs and to ground themselves spiritually.
  1. It is a good thing to get solid Bible grounding before they face the pressures and opposition that they will face either in higher education or in the daily work force of our world.
  1. They will have the opportunity to make Christian friends and to develop relationships that can be an encouraging part of their future
  1. They are showing God that they are serious about being open to His will and will gladly obey His direction in their life.
Often, after a year in Bible College, a young person has grown in their personal walk with the Lord, and while building new friendships, they have solidified their knowledge of God’s plan for them.  They have more confidence and maturity and are better equipped to stand for truth with a God-honouring spirit. 

I don’t believe that anyone who is honestly trying to please the Lord with their life would consider one year in a Christian environment a waste.

I believe more accurately, that it is a wise investment in their youth which will equip and enable young people for a life that is pleasing to the Lord Jesus, and isn't this what we really want anyway?

Just a thought,

Pastor Robert E. Wall
President, FaithWay Baptist College of Canada

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